Do you have a birthday ending in a zero coming up, or perhaps an anniversary or a work ‘do’?

Need to organise a caterer, venue, marquee or band?
What about flowers, decorations, invitations?

It’s our mission to save you valuable preparation time and energy… leaving you free to do what you do best…
enjoy life!

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Wedding Celebrant

Wedding Celebrant

Weddings are all about making memories to last a lifetime, celebrating love and marking the transition from single life into a joint romantic partnership. Jo from Taylored Moments is uniquely qualified to plan your special day as an official Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant. We can offer creative, fun-filled and thoughtful ceremonies to honour a wide range of personal, spiritual and cultural beliefs.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Funerals and Memorial Services

A funeral service and a memorial service both serve the same purpose - they are the ritual through which we formerly say goodbye to our departed loved ones.

To focus on being a tribute and celebration of the life of the person departed.

Taylored Moments can conduct memorial services / funeral as that allow for the sharing of stories, speeches, music and other tributes and help provide closure.

Milestone Celebrations Birthdays & Anniversaries

Milestone Celebrations Birthdays & Anniversaries

Birthday and anniversary parties celebrate special milestones in your loved ones lives. We can help take the stress out of these events by planning a celebration around a particular theme, hiring entertainment and taking care of invitations. We can plan large-scale elaborate affairs or more cozy, intimate events depending on your taste and budget.

Work Functions & Corporate Events

Work Functions & Corporate Events

Whether you need help with a Work Christmas Function, Retirement Send-off, or Conference, Taylored Moments can help. Simply choose a date and contact us as soon as possible. We can take care of the venue, food, entertainment and activities.

Naming Ceremonies & House Warmings

Naming Ceremonies & House Warmings

Naming ceremonies and house warmings are just two of the special rituals that many of our clients like to celebrate. Whether you are welcoming new life into the world, or throwing a party to turn a new house into a home, we can help. Talk to us about innovative ways to mark these occasions.

Living Funerals

Living Funerals

A Living Funeral is the celebration of your life with a twist.

A gathering of family, friends, neighbours and collegues, with laughter, tears, toasts and memories and is a ceremony, or party to celebrate a person with a life limiting illness.

One of the advantages of a living funeral is that those people who live afar are more likely to be able to attend than at the inevitable short notice of a traditional funeral.

Taylored Moments has experience in preparing these unique events.

With a bit of planning and some hard work I can help take the stress out of celebrating lifes moments.

<h3>Plan & Dream</h3>

<p>Lets get to know you, understand what you want and discover your hopes and dreams for the event</p>

Plan & Dream

Lets get to know you, understand what you want and discover your hopes and dreams for the event

<h3>Bring it all together</h3>

<p>Venue research, catering, preperations and entertainment. <br />
Get ready to celebration.</p>

Bring it all together

Venue research, catering, preperations and entertainment. 
Get ready to celebration.


<p>This is the moment, the big day where you get to enjoy, celebrate with your friends, family or workmates.</p>


This is the moment, the big day where you get to enjoy, celebrate with your friends, family or workmates.